Meet the Team

Kelly Hollibaugh

Throughout the course of her academic studies, Kelly has traveled throughout Western Africa and Asia working with various Human-Rights Related Organizations in the areas of Children's and Women's Rights performing qualitative studies on social-development initiatives.While spending a lot of her time in rural disenfranchised locations through an international practicum at the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights in The Gambia, Kelly developed a passion for uncovering economic development, ethical fashion and cultural stories around the world. Her background in working with artisan cooperatives in international development has influenced her social venture - Lusinia. She knew that there was a vast market for their handmade creations in the international market, while also benefitting their livelihoods.

While pursuing her Master's Degree in Sustainable Development in 2014, Kelly decided to travel to Ahmedabad, India during a fellowship program where she continued to focus on her passion for handmade traditions in the textile industry. She worked alongside designers and artisans at the National Institute for Design and artisan enterprises, such as Khamir and Kala Raksha Preservation of Traditional Arts, to learn about various contemporary-handmade designs that artisans can develop to further increase their profitability in the market both domestically and internationally. Having been exposed to a wide variety of traditional designs and techniques from all over India, Kelly hopes to revive some of the most authentic embroidered and blockprinted pieces with a contemporary twist. “Our journey has just begun and there’s a long way to go before we can say with certainty that timeless Indian art and fashion is once again at the center of Western fashion."

Arif Banka

Arif grew up in the valley of Kashmir watching his grandparents and great-grandparents master the many forms of Kashmiri embroidery. His grandparents ran many small institutions with the sole purpose of teaching and empowering hundreds of Kashmiri locals the art of Sozni and Aari embroidery.

They knew that by sharing and training locals on their exquisite talent and skills in the many authentic forms of embroidery, this knowledge would eventually help other locals to become financially independent and stable. Arif has always been very passionate about reviving the centuries-old timeless art from the long line of craftsmen that he has always been exposed to since a child. He joined Lusinia with the primary aim to preserve traditional Kashmiri arts and market it all over India and the world. He hopes to bring light to this timeless art by adding a contemporary form in it so as to give it a new life.