The Lusinia Philosophy

Lusinia embodies different aspects of several concepts that have become relevant in today’s consumer world. We, as a people, have never been more aware and appreciative of the diverse cultural landscape that lies before us.

First and foremost, it is our desire to facilitate empowerment through the interaction of global free trade by marketing goods that are purchased in accordance with social fairness. We encourage our artisans to define the fair value of their goods in relation to the craftsmanship, experience, and effort that has been lovingly poured into their creation. We’ll never enter into price negotiation with an artisan. An artisan will define the value of their efforts and that value will fairly compete in the marketplace.

Hidden in every corner of the world are ancient cultures where techniques, tools and materials have been used for centuries to create, instead of manufacture. Providing an effective means to responsibly share these wonderful cultures and stories with the world is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our responsibility extends to the planet that we live on. We at Lusinia feel a responsibility to showcase products that embody sustainability. We feel an inherent need to bring to the world market products that live up to this responsibility. Naturally sustainable fibers and dies are used by our artisan partners to create their one of a kind pieces. Hand-loomed textiles are favored over mechanically mass-produced dry goods. Each artisanal piece offered exudes love and respect for Mother Earth.

By harnessing each of the responsibilities above, we search out and bring to market those goods that are born of a deep historical significance, crafted using traditional means from environmentally responsible material, for which fair remuneration is exchanged. To accomplish this, we choose to offer products that can live up to our responsibilities as a citizen of the world, while providing our customers timeless, culturally significant, heirloom quality pieces that stand up to even the most discerning contemporary desires and standards.