The Lusinia Story

As creative entrepreneurs, we’ve developed a passion for uncovering economic development opportunities in ethical fashion while capturing cultural stories from around the world.  After initiating a project with a group of artisans in disenfranchised communities (Ahmedabad and Kashmir, India), we’ve learned first-hand about these artisan cultures. From the various artisan groups we have learned of the natural fibers, hand tools and ancient processes that they use to craft the most beautiful goods made today.

We quickly realized that these artisans needed a business alternative, one that would empower them to become the agents of social change in their rural disenfranchised community. Thus, beginning with a friendship, a partnership was formed with artisan cooperatives in both Ahmedabad and Kashmir in August 2014 in order for international markets to access these wonderful pieces. Seeing how beautifully made and desirable their products were and how much the artisans needed a market, coupled with the benefits that could be gained from telling their stories hit home. It has been our ultimate goal to open doors for these artisans, so that their products may be exported to wider markets, both nationally and internationally.

Lusinia stems from the Latin word Luscinia, which means nightingale.  Nightingales are birds renowned for their innate creativity and wide variety of song.  The creative notes and melodious phrases of the nightingale inspires spontaneity and individuality. This corresponds to the artisan designs that are imaginatively hand-woven and block-printed into each one of our pieces.