Welcome to Lusinia

Posted by Kelly Hollibaugh 16/06/2015 0 Comment(s) General,

Aimed to bridge the gap between the elegant crafts of India and the world, this blog is focused on the stories behind the intricate motifs that are exquisitely rich in culture and tradition through the self-expression and imagination of our master craftsmen. Not only are we bridging the gap between handmade and fashion, but we’re also creating an unforgettable and educational experience for consumers to be connected to the culture and realities of the artisan. Through articles and stories, we will trace back the roots of the designs and its impact on both India and the world. We will also be talking about our experiences and discussing our exclusive range of handcrafted products and the ideas that influence their designs and colors.  


We know that you appreciate old-fashion craftsmanship just like we do, and through these stories, we aim to bring you closer to the makers, their well-crafted products and the process.  If you like our Lusinia shawls and products, tweet us at @byLusinia, let us know how great those shawls looks on you… or even better, also tweet it to your friends, or follow us at Facebook/Lusinia, sending us pictures, thoughts or recommendation.