The authenticity behind Lusinia

Posted by Kelly Hollibaugh 04/11/2015 0 Comment(s)

Ahmedabad, fondly called the Manchester of India because it’s most famous for producing cotton textiles, is truly a vibrant city. From humble beginnings Ahmedabad has rapidly developed into arguably one of the top destinations worldwide to do business. However, what makes Ahmedabad so vibrant is how she never loses touch with her roots. Despite the few dozens of multinational food chains, chic cafes and multiple hookah bars, Ahmedabad has stayed true to itself in textile manufacturing.



Well known for its handloom spinning and weaving, the artisan families that helped bring Ahmedabad on the map have worked hard to continue these age-old styles of producing textile products. The way they have evolved hand-in-hand with this city is something to admire. By mixing contemporary design to their manufacturing methods the artisans have evolved and developed unique products that tell a story.




Having worked with these artisans in parts of this city, that can be considered to have developed at a much slower pace than most areas, I have enjoyed observing and experiencing how people have embraced modern technology and design with little hints of what India’s glorious past was like. I remember working in one of the cooperatives, where the artisans would create their beautiful pieces of work, in a humble part of town. The cooperative was in a narrow street, wide enough for 2 tuk-tuks at best, and I could hear a lot of honking (another one of India’s charm).



Confused – yet curious – I decided to step out and sneak a peek at what all the commotion was about. Lo and behold there was a huge grey Elephant strolling down the street shaking it’s ass to some beautifully played folk music. I marveled at that moment as it made me realize what makes India special. It’s not the great food, it’s not the warm and friendly people, it’s not its rapid development into something great but it’s how the people have got with the times all the while sticking to their roots to remind them where they come from. This is where my inspiration for Lusinia stems from.


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