The shawl: gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Kelly Hollibaugh 10/02/2016 1 Comment(s)

February 14th, a date bookmarked by couples and singles alike. Couples have to remember this day lest they face the ire of their loved ones and singles try to forget this day unless all their “hard work” for finding that perfect valentine comes to fruition. What we do know is that Valentines day is a day of love. Sure we do not need a specific day to tell us when to love someone but it sure is nice to have an excuse to go those extra steps in showing how much someone means to you. Valentines day isn’t just about couples though. You could celebrate it with your Mom, Dad, Sibling and even friends; simply put it’s a day to remind someone you love them.


People buy gifts, make gifts, and take each other to a special place for food or entertainment. Heck people may do something out of the extraordinary just to show how much someone means to them. But what we do know is that people are scampering last minute to ensure the things they’ve planned are executed seamlessly. Often it may happen that someone has left the gift getting for the last minute. Be it gadgets, fashion or something their loved ones need, Valentines leads to many gift purchases without a doubt!



This Valentines we have decided to have a love-away (sort of like give away but for someone you love). You can go onto our website and choose from a range of scarves that have been made with love from our artisans. We know fashion is only one from many options of gifts and presents to give to your loved one but what better gift than the one to show off in style! Our scarves are made with no sacrifice in quality to ensure your special other can show off your beautiful gift to the world for a long time. Make sure you’re not the only one hugging your special someone this Valentines and gift them our beautiful, cruel free scarves. We must warn you though, they might love our scarves more than you ;).



At Lusinia, we have handpicked a few gift ideas for him and her that can never go wrong and could be a statement on what they really mean to you!






Check em out @ and use the code: VALENTINE to avail a 30% discount! Happy loving! 

1 Comment(s)

Lianne Friedman:
14/08/2016, 07:12:28 AM

I have the red and white scarf that I bought yesterday at Columbia Mall in Maryland. It is absolutely stunning!

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