About Us

Lusinia is an artisan collection that embodies different aspects of several concepts that have become relevant in today’s consumer world: development, contemporary high quality products that use the traditional craft of hand-weaving and natural dyeing, fair-trade, story-telling, as well as providing a reliable source of income to the artisan and their families. Our products are rooted in cultural heritages across India, and infused with minimalist designs.

Our ultimate aim is to connect consumers to luxury handcrafted goods and invest our revenues to promote both rural livelihood and lifestyle development in the field. Not only are we bridging the gap between handmade and fashion, but we’re also creating an unforgettable and educational experience for consumers to be connected to the culture and realities of the artisan. Our designers match traditional craft production to the needs of modern living by using cutting-edge design principles that suit contemporary consumer tastes and needs. The design process also provides a sustainable change for the artisans by helping to give them a voice through independence and empowerment.